Island Style

Sometimes during the cold winter months, it’s nice to escape everyday life to a warmer climate, even if only through photos or memories.  In 2015, I took a summer vacation to  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. My husband & I stayed at the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton.  We saw so many design ideas while there. Everywhere the old-world island style met new world style.


Here's a view of the entrance to the hotel.



Check out the beautiful lobby.

The dark ceilings contrast well with the light walls.



This lovely mirror was placed in a corner. Its bright sun motif contrasts well with its dark background. The table below balances the colors and gives both pieces an island feel.



This display has light airy colors with a modern look.




This light fixture is displayed at the base of the stairway. The old plantation style metal work is charming & beautifully crafted.




Mirrors were placed throughout the resort illuminating the rooms with natural light and reflecting the lush green plants.




The artwork also kept with the tropical island theme. 



This interesting fresco caught my eye.



The ornate details on the furniture incorporated sophistication with the relaxing island feel of each room.




Flower & plant arrangements throughout celebrated the vibrant island life! Notice the fantastic marble floors.



Outdoors, I found one of my favorite things, an herb garden!



Tropical plants surround this ornate water fountain. The sounds from the falling water are relaxing.



The "wish you were here" photo everyone sends home. I loved the palm tree on the railing. I had a great vacation!




Nothing more memorable from a trip to the islands than this beautiful view.  I hope you have enjoyed your imagery island getaway and that you are inspired by the beauty of the islands.





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