Round Top Texas Antique Fair

I have some great pictures to share with you from my trip last week. I flew into Houston Airport where I rented a car to drive 100 miles or so to Round Top Texas, home of the Round Top Antiques Fair.

Here's a bridge on the drive to Round Top.

Traffic in Houston is notoriously bad.

A gas station on the way to Round Top.

For miles, there are vendors along the sides of the roads.

More vendors in a barn:

There are so many interesting things to see in Round Top itself. Here's one of my finds.

Automotive art was a major theme of the trip. Here's another view:

This artist makes art from old wood.

Some of her pieces have quotes and sayings painted on them, and others are painted with patterns.

Another image of that mirror. Beautiful workmanship.

Here's a whimsical entrance with lots of interesting things to discover inside!

A cozy couch inside the camper matches the bed and the kitchen!

More of that adorable camper's interior. Here's the kitchen -

And the bed!

The exterior of the camper was just as colorful. Every detail was coordinated. So cute.

Another old camper, this one with a Native American flair.

Everything's bigger in Texas!

One of my favorite areas is this shop:

This TV stand is made from the back of a car! If you love a car, why not turn it into something useful after it's broken down?

More automobile re-purposing with a bar made from a Chevy truck:

Bar from a Chevy truck

The "outhouse" with lots of succulents out front.

We'll end with one last piece of automobile art, this time in the form of wall art.

It was a great trip! Thanks for sharing my journey.



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