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Wallpaper is making a come back in a big way. The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever. However, seeing wallpaper in a glossy picture in your favorite décor magazine or while traveling and seeing it in the lobby of the international hotel you might be staying at is so much different than bringing wallpaper into your home.

Some of my clients are starting to get excited about the possibility of using wallpaper. However, I’m getting questions like, what if I put it up and then don’t like it? Or can I wallpaper over wallpaper? How do you remove it? Can you paint on the top of the wallpaper? Many homeowners immediately think of the messy wallpaper installation and time-consuming removal process. “This is no longer the case. With proper wall preparation, such as using a wallpaper primer, steamers and messy chemical strippers are things of the past. With many of the wallpapers today, removal can be easier than installation.”

Much like adding a new coat of paint, or having an artist paint a beautiful wall mural can completely transform a room. No matter if you have a modern taste or a traditional style, there are definitely wallpapers for everyone, from fabulous florals and trompe l’oeil to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs.

Wallpaper can beautifully transform a room with impactful color, dynamic pattern and inviting texture, allowing for you to curate and design a space that truly reflects your personal style. The progress in new wallpaper printing techniques and finishes is constantly pushing boundaries, making wallpaper trends more exciting than ever.

So let me help you in the decision to bring wallcoverings into your interior or just keep it safe with paint. Wallpaper makes a big impact so using wallpaper in a powder room or on an accent wall is probably a good place to start. Keep in mind wallpaper makes a big impact!

Here are a few photos to inspire you.

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