The impact of using mirrors in your home.

Decorating with mirrors add instant glamor and elegance to any room. Mirrors also increasing natural light and maximizing the sense of space in your home.

This is one of the easiest design tips, adding a mirror to any room in your home can have a significant impact on the appearance of the space. 

The functionality to a mirror can be used to spread natural light and to create the illusion of space. 

When placing your mirror to maximize natural light place the mirror in an area that will reflect the outside light. This will make the room feel bigger and brighter. 


Mother's Day Blog

Flower arrangement created by The French Market


Mother’s Day is near and flowers are blooming! Flowers can represent many things, such as wisdom, joy, passion, and strength. Many of these also being the same qualities that our mothers extend to us as well. Nothing says May, celebration, and summertime like a ravishing arrangement of fresh flowers. Whether it be a gift for your loved ones or an eye-catching centerpiece, an arrangement can brighten the whole atmosphere with its beauty, as with this arrangement in The French Market.

Picture by


Carnations are widely known throughout the world as a beautiful statement flower. The many different colors, shapes, and sizes that they a grown in represent many different things. In particular, a bouquet of red carnations is represented as the perfect way to show your mother that they are loved on this holiday. Red carnations usually signify the gratitude and respect for a living mother.

Painting by K.W.


A beautiful painting created to portray freshly bloomed flowers in a vase. Personally, having this in my home makes for a great way to liven up a room. The vibrant colors of the flowers paired with the subtle background scream a cheerful noise to all who pass by it. It is simple, yet abstract with the intertwining and overlapping flowers and vines. This painting reminds me to find the beauty in the simple things.

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