Mark Edge

In 1994, Mark’s hand-made jewelry was available exclusively at retailers in the South and in better boutiques nationwide. Today, women in Japan and New York are just as likely as those in Atlanta to choose Mark Edge jewelry as their accessory of choice. The artist has gained a prestigious retail following anchored by top department stores and select retailers nationally. In 1998 he was named guest designer by AmericasMart in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mark’s one-of-a-kind creations--semi-precious beads, Austrian crystals, encased in wire or divided by tiny hand-crafted silver squares--owe their success to their deceptive simplicity. “My work stems from natural elements and organic lines,” Edge explains. “The feeling is restrained, yet interesting enough to complement a range of moods and personalities. It is beautiful, classical jewelry that accents the individuality of the women who wears it.”

Although Mark’s touch is contemporary, his work is a blend of modern styles, combined with an eye on fashion that defines the women today. The result is jewelry with timeless feeling.

Mark’s designs are enjoyed by celebrities like Courtney Cox Arquette, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Williams, Martina McBride, Drew Barrymore and loyal wearer Sophia Choi of CNN Headline News. And they quickly become wardrobe mainstays of “real” women who need versatile, wearable accessories. “Mark’s jewelry has an amazing range,” one loyal wearer attests. “Somehow, it works with suit, with jeans, or with my slinkiest dress. It compliments what I wear, but never overpowers.”